Light and Fresh corporation

How we started out

Light and Fresh skincare inc. has been on the market for over 20 years now. It was first an exclusive brand for celebrities and rich people who wanted a skincare line that stood out from other skincare brands in terms of its effectiveness, quality and long-term effects. The ingredients derive from the highlands of Madagascar. The ingredients are very pure and have a high sulphur and glutathione content. The high collagen content of the products makes our line the most anti-ageing skin whitening brand on the market.

Welcome to customtize your skincare needs

If you have sensitive skin, blemishes, dark marks, pregnancy mask (melasma and chloasma), dull skin, wrinkled skin, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation in small or larger skin areas, tried lightening skincare brands without results, excessive tanning, hormonal skin darkening, decreased skin cell renewal,... you have definately come to the right place. Our products work on all ethnicities, although they are designed for ethnic skin.   

Our Products also offer SEMI-PERMANENT RESULTS.


For Wholesale inquiries or if you introduce other customers to our line, please Contact us for special deals.


We now have a new location in Morocco where the whitening soap production is based. Our whitening Moroccan soaps come in different fragrances and colors. The most popular is the red tomato whitening soap which brightens skin up to 4 shades.