Frequently Asked Questions

Here we respond to the most common questions we receive

1. Does your products contain any harmful ingrdients like hydroquinone, steroids or mercury?

-No, our products are made from the finest plant, vegetable and fruitbased ingredients. They also have a high collagen , glutathione and sulphur content which helps build and protect the skin from its deepest layers. Making our products very suitable for building a stronger, more beautiful skin.

2. How long does it take to see results?

Results are seen as fast as the first day; most customers noticed. This is because the fruit acids gently peel skin of dead skin cells and excessive melanin whilst removing clogged oils; focusing on building a barrrier that prevents skin from getting further sun and pollution damage.

Results depend on how fast your skin renewal is. If your skin is damaged from hydroquinone or hormonal skin conditions, it may be longer. But everyone should see major improvement the first two to three weeks. Most people report results from the first week of use.

3. If your products work so fast, how can they be based on natural ingredients?

-The answer lies in the combination of the ingredients we use. Most skincare products on the market use a small percentage of active ingredients and the majority of fillers and alcohol to dissolve the products.  

We use a special occlusive technology, which enhances the penetration of the active ingredients improving its efficacy. Resulting in a cooling effect on the skin, as the occlusive vehicle transports it to deeper skin layers accross the stratum corneum. In most lotions on the market, active ingredients are usually dissolved. But with our products, they remain intact. The amount of inert ingredients is nonexistant. All our ingredients are made to work together for the perfect skin.  Preventing evaporation of  Vitamin C, and glutathione rich ingredients.

Our active ingredients are lipophilic (fat-loving in other words) meaning they work on clogged skin, they work well with the essential oils in the products. Unfortunately many skincare products are mainly water-soluble creating a barrier for skin penetration when applied to skin. This makes the products work inefficiently. Our active ingredients are easily transported through this occlusive lipophilic technology, whilst repairing and being gentle to the skin. Making the products work faster.

4. Is shipping included in your prices?

-Yes.  All prices include worldwide shipping. After ordering you receive a tracking number. All shipping is through recommended post.

5. What countries do you ship to?

-We ship worldwide.

6. I am allergic to some fruits and vegetables. Can I use these products?

-If you are allergic to tomatoes, vitamin C or carrots, you should not use our products. In general, you should do a patch test for 48 hours before using our products. We recommend that to all our customers, even though we never heard of an allergic reaction from any customer. Our products are very gentle and soothing. Many who suffer from eczema love these products.

7. How long does it take to receive my order?

-After ordering, your product is made freshly and shipped to your destination within 5 business days of payment. It may take 2-3 weeks depending on where in the world you are.  Sometimes it can be much faster, depending on how busy your local post office and airport is.

8. Up to how many shades can your products lighten? 

-To any desired shade if you are using the products for skin lightening.

9. I need to repair my skin and get a glow. I do not want to lighten my skin. 

Can I use your products?

-Yes. Many of our products can be used for giving skin, a glow and silky flawless look and touch. 

10. Why are your prices so expensive?

-Because a little goes a long way. We use the finest quality of ingredients from rare areas such as Madagascar mainly. Our results can often  be semi-permanent. The products are made carefully without fillers and toxic inert ingredients. All the ingredients are active: whether its moisturizing, clarifying, brightening, lightening, smoothing, blemish-care, etc...

11. Do I need sunblock when using your products?

-No, you just need the day cream. You can use a sunblock for those really warm days but our pink day cream have spf 15. As well as the Japanese cream help with sun damage.

12. What if I do not see any results? Can I have my money back?

-These products are very effective. We have never experienced an unsatisfied customer. If the products are not showing the result you want, you can have a change of phase (strength). Some skins see results with our lower phase from the Hollywood glow or megatoner ranger. Whilst some customers need the stronger phases. Please note, the phase strength is not determined by the amount of shades you want to lighten up to. But rather your skintype.

We have no money back policy. Once your products are shipped, we do not offer refunds for hygienic reasons. We do not resell returned goods.

13. Do the products make skin peel visibly?

-No. Peeling is gently and in the first stages of using products. There will be no skin flaking or visible peeling of the skin. What you should notice is just a brighter skintone and smoother skin.

14. How often do I need to use these products?

- At the beginning stages, daily is recommended. But once you get desired results,  maintain by weekly or monthly use. Depending on how you see your results improving.